It could be said that petroleum products keep Nigeria running. Petroleum products like oil and natural gas are the principal sources of energy in Nigeria and are used in many manufacturing and chemical processes. Petroleum products are primarily transported by pipeline. There are more than a million miles of liquid and natural gas pipeline in this country, ranging in diameter from two inches to four feet. These pipelines bring crude oil and natural gas from production fields to processing plants and refineries – and ultimately to the consumer.

Entroid Nigeria Limited initiates and handles various kinds of corrosion control programs and has developed procedures for selection of best methods for appropriate remediation. Our corrosion control methods include monitoring, prevention and resuscitation of corroded parts through a comprehensive survey of whole facilities to establish specific corrosion problems at various segments of the installation.

The major aspects of our corrosion management strategy include:

  • Coating specification and inspection
  • Implementation of corrosion monitoring programmes
  • Pipeline pigging programmes
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Internal corrosion evaluation of pipe-metal loss and cracks
  • NDT and Cathodic Protection and corrosion control