At Entroid Fleet Management Services, We have over the years distinctly tailored, deployed and managed transportation solutions in a variety of offering to buyers across a broad group of companies in Nigeria. Our wide experience, spread and expertise give us the confidence to assure you of a seamless solution that will meet your expectations both in the short and long terms.

Our fleet management Services are generally tailored along specific customer needs. Our experience spanning over 8 years in deploying this service in Nigeria gives us an insight into the problems associated with fleet ownership and operations. We are also able to lean on our background in Leasing to offer wide ranging practical solutions in cost reduction and optimal asset utilization. This is central to our fleet management services. Our fleet management services offer the following:

Driver Management: We will recruit or take over as the case may be drivers for this deployment as required by NLNG. We will train the drivers on the latest defensive driving techniques, driver’s comportment and etiquettes. Driver’s remuneration will be in line with industry standards and include medical insurance, Christmas bonus, leave allowances, pensions and non-accident bonuses and all statutory levies and deductions for employees in the oil and gas sector.

Insurance: Full comprehensive insurance will be taken on all the vehicles put on our platform. We will negotiate insurance rates for you and insurance cover/policy to fit all your requirements.

Maintenance: We will maintain the trucks according to manufacturer’s specifications. Preventive and remedial maintenance will be undertaken by our various workshops which is of international standard.

Accessories: We will ensure the trucks are kitted with the appropriate accessories for the duration of the lease. Air fresheners, carpets, fire extinguishers, spanners and all others are always in place. We change tires and batteries as at when due.

Licensing and Stickers: All national, state and local government motoring permits, stickers and licenses will be provided for and updated as they expire. We have healthy relationships with the VIO, State and local government sticker agents and members of the Nigerian police force to ensure smooth passage of the trucks wherever deployed.

Replacement: We will provide replacements for vehicles involved in accidents, theft or garaged for maintenance purposes to ensure continuity in your operations. We will agree a rate for this replacement service.

GPS tracking: We will install in all the vehicles In-Vehicle-Monitoring System (IVMS) on a very modern GPS monitoring platform which guarantees significant asset performance monitoring, facilitating significant cost reduction and safer operations. Fuel Management, Vehicle health management and asset tracking with wide range applications, inclusive of geo-fencing system to avoid movement of vehicle outside authorize course.