ENTROID NIGERIA LIMITED specialists are seasoned professionals in their chosen fields that deliver effective solution to complex problems. We analyze the need of our clients from the onset using our specialists and engineers. We identify the most appropriate solutions and practical techniques, and then help clients select and implement alternatives that minimize cost and facilitate regulatory approval.

ENTROID NIGERIA LIMITED help its client’s mange the electrical, mechanical, civil, general engineering and other projects by working on a variety of problems at a multiple sites simultaneously.  We have a control and management system that coordinates multiple locations, with a depth of resources and flexibility to move personnel quickly and respond to clients needs.

  • Equipment/Vehicle Leasing & Maintenance
  • Pipeline & Corrosion Control
  • Fabrication/Sandblasting Services
  • Environmental Waste Management
  • Oil Tools Procurement
  • General Engineering Services.

We have experience in all these areas, and are ready to tailor this experience to clients needs. The Company has the expertise to fit the task from planning to execution.

Project Management
ENTROID NIGERIA LIMITED brings innovation to project management that makes us unrivaled in services rendered/project executed.  We consider each project as a unique one and out to use our wealth of practical experience by creating realistic project scopes, monitoring results and applying resources as needed to meet project schedules and budget.

We have resourceful people who are skilled and dedicated towards executing our project, this is the key to our project management, we also provide these people with appropriate project management systems to plan track results.

Our project execution procedures conform to local, national and international regulatory standards and are in line with International Organization for Standardization (IS) 9001 and 9002 for quality and other international standards for engineering.