Providing Quality Services

We at Entroid deliver exceptional value to our clients...


Pipeline & Corrosion Control

Our corrosion control methods include monitoring, prevention and resuscitation of corroded parts through a comprehensive survey...


Fleet Management Services

We have over the years distinctly tailored, deployed and managed transportation solutions in a variety of offering to buyers across a broad group of companies in Nigeria.


We Export Local Produce

We are a provider of choice for clients looking for quality local farm produce.

We identify the most appropriate solutions and practical techniques, and then help clients select and implement alternatives that minimize cost and facilitate regulatory approval.


ENTROID NIGERIA LIMITED is a foremost indigenous company, incorporated in Nigeria RC 323,202 in 1997. The company provides specialized technical services in the areas of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, Pipeline Welding, and Leakage control, installation of structures, general engineering construction and management…Learn More


Our outstanding experience put us in the forefront of electrical, civil engineering works/other engineering services from the project concept to mobilization actual execution…


We are dedicated to providing our client’s with a competitive advantage through continuous process of quality advancement in all areas of our performance…


The company expertise and creativity mean little without absolute commitment to providing our clients with services that meet their needs and possibly exceed their expectations…


We provide a challenging and stimulating working environment where our people enjoy their jobs, can fulfill their potential and are recognized for their efforts….

We at Entroid specialize in the export of local produce. Our first objective is to propose only the best in quality, terms of products and services. We market a broad range of produce and offer services adapted to the specific needs of our business customers.

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